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Providence Arrives!

providence_2004ieshowEvans Providence of the Night arrived at Edenhof on October 10, 2015 after a 3000 mile journey across the USA from Oregon.  We are so delighted to have this superstar with us at Edenhof.  Already famous in various venues for his superb movement and conformation, this  athletic wonder pony will now be given the opportunity to contribute his superb genetic gifts to the German Riding Pony breeding program both here at Edenhof, and to others that are being developed across North America.

He has a powerful hind end, showing natural uphill engagement and impulsion at all times!  His spectacular gaits are replicated in his foals time and time again.  He sports an amazing jump with perfect bascule and tidiness! This too, is passed to his offspring along with his engaging  and enthusiastic attitude. Providence is the complete package-supplying the genetics for both the dressage pony breeder and the jumping pony breeder.  His textbook conformation combined with his optimal gait mechanics, truly make him unique among pony stallions.  He jumps, moves, and looks like the best Warmblood stallion- yet actually measures only 13.2h.  The one thing he does not throw is size, which is an added bonus because he can be bred to larger mares (16+h) and still produce offspring that fall within the American pony size limits.  We expect him to be an extremely influential German Riding Pony sire in the immediate future!

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