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Pony Quarterly Article

Silke of Edenhof has once again drawn attention to her home!  Pony Quarterly interviewed me to find out more about the breeding program that produced the no# 1 RPSI foal of 2015.  The fact that she is a German Riding Pony and that her breeding was bought at a Stallion Service Auction also fascinated them.  After a lengthy chat with Jane and Audrey, they realized that Edenhof has a long history of warmblood breeding etc… but, they were mostly interested in the pony breeding aspect for their article and why Edenhof was starting to breed GRPs at this time when so many breeders are closing up their farms for good.  I explained as best I could that it was a personal project that I had put off for many years.  I felt the time was finally right for both personal reasons, and because the American market is finally “ready” to embrace these more suitable mounts for smaller adults and children who want to be taken seriously in dressage, but are overmounted on the typical 16.2+hand warmblood with huge gaits!  When you’re the boss, you get to make those choices to pursue new adventures.

The article was a positive experience in many ways. Initially, as a person who cherishes my privacy and isolation, I feared being portrayed as a “nutty, genetic scientist”.   However, this was not the case at all.  Actually, I thought more attention could have been paid to my formal education in equine genetics, breeding management, and breeding experience etc. and less to the years I taught dressage lessons on whatever ponies I could muster up for students to train on.  But, it was their article and I assume all that technical stuff I find so important, wouldn’t have made it a good read for their audience, so it was edited out.  In retrospect, I  think their presentation and interest was in putting together a light historical overview that would interest the average pony person, and they seemed to have successfully accomplished that goal.  I am in no way offended although personally, I read for self-education  and so I do hope that someone, somewhere, will find something of value in the piece about actual breeding practices and that it may encourage them.  I am flattered and very much appreciate the recognition that this article brings to the general public about Edenhof, the keeper of all my passions!  Thank you Pony Quarterly!



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